Top 7 Granita Siciliana between Catania and Acireale

Let’s start by saying that granita siciliana is not syrup and ice mixed together on the spot. This is what you might have been led to believe in other countries or even in other Italian regions. But now that you are in Sicily, you’ll finally know the truth. Granita siciliana is tradition, pride and a meticulous, continuous gesture of uniting water, sugar and fresh ingredients like pistachios, mulberries (gelso), almonds and lemons […]

Strawberry granita, with other granitas and brioches on the background.

Sicilians like to enjoy granita for breakfast together with a warm soft brioche. Even Giuseppe Tomasi di Lampedusa, author of the famous Italian novel The Leopard (Il Gattopardo), was used to such a morning treat. But do not limit yourself. You’ll meet lots of people with granita during your afternoon stroll too.

In this post I wanted to introduce you to our top 5 places where to enjoy the best granita siciliana in the area between Catania and Acireale. However, I really could not bring myself to pick only five out of these seven that made my shortlist. And that’s how it became a Top 7.

TOP 7 Granita Siciliana

  1. Bar Russo: historical pastry since 1880, in Santa Venerina;
  2. Trattoria La Timpa: in Santa Maria la Scala in front of a little church;
  3. Bar Ottagono: in Mascalucia;
  4. Mithos: on the waterfront in AciTrezza;
  5. Eden Bar: Strada Provinciale in AciTrezza;
  6. Torte Storte: in Sant’Agata li Battiati;
  7. Alecci: in Via Gramsci in Gravina di Catania.


©photos Alfio Garozzo

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