Spring in Sicily: the Island of Flowers – Photo Gallery

“It begins in January, the Sicilian spring, and accumulates into a kingly bouquet, a wizard’s garden where all things have bloomed; the creek sprouts mint; dead trees are wreathed in wild clamber roses; even the brutal cactus shoots tender blossoms…It is bright as the snows on Etna’s summit. Children climb along the mountainside filling sacks of petals in preparation for a Saint’s Day, and fishermen, passing with their baskets of pearl-colored pesce, have geraniums tucked behind their ears. May, and the spring is in its twilight; the sun enlarges; you remember that Africa is only eighty miles away; like a bronze shadow autumn color falls across the land. By June the wheat was ready to harvest.” (Truman Capote, The Dogs Bark)

©photos Alfio Garozzo 
©photos Giulia Lattanzio 
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