Dreaming of a Sicilian Wedding: Wedding alla Siciliana

I never imagined my wedding. Nevertheless, it was somehow by default on my to-do list. It was only when my then boyfriend proposed to me on a dock in Indonesia during a tropical sunset that lasted less than 30 seconds that I actually started picturing it. The wedding I dreamt was a Sicilian wedding by the sea, or better a wedding alla Siciliana […]

I was radiant in a wraparound dress. The color was not yet clear in my mind but it was definitely lace. My husband and I were the host of a party that every single one of our guest would have remembered. I imagined them having the time of their life while sharing ours. And too bad if they did not like sea food (of which both my husband and I are particularly fond).

It took us less than one day to decide that Sicily would create the right magic. My husband is Dutch. I’m Italian, from Abruzzo. But neither of the two locations we are from had everything we were looking for. Sicily, on the other hand, had repeatedly stolen our hearts during many holidays. So we were simply happy to have a reason at last to bring everyone we love to visit it.

To find the exact location took some thinking and a little research.

Norman Castle of Aci Castello

Finally, we decided for Aci Trezza and surroundings. The place had all the right ingredients for a wedding alla Siciliana: a cute fisherman village for everyone to enjoy, close to the airport of Catania, an unforgettable bay, a strong tradition of sea food dishes and pastries and a Norman Castle by the sea in black lava stone which could be rented for about 20 minutes, just the time for wedding vows.

The result was a day saturated with beauty and happiness…

Wedding location: Norman Castle of Aci Castello. In the distance the Faraglioni of Aci Trezza – photo by Niek de Jonge
Just Married, Norman Castle of Aci Castello – photo by Niek de Jonge.
The wedding party – photo by Niek de Jonge.
Grand Hotel Baia Verde

After the civil ceremony in the castle we all moved to Grand Hotel Baia Verde in the nearby village of Cannizzaro. In here the most professional and friendly staff captained by Beppe – the excellent chef with a pigtail – took very good care of both our eyes and stomachs. Unfortunately I don’t have many pictures of the out-of-this-world food we had because everyone was too busy enjoying it. Including the photographer. I only say that it all ended up with wonderful Cannoli Siciliani, the ultimate and sacred ingredient for a long lasting life together.

Cannoli Siciliani with fresh ricotta for everyone! – photo by Niek de Jonge

P.S. If you are interested in marrying your significant other in the stunning setting of the Norman Castle of Aci Castello, you can easily reserve your 20 minutes by sending an email to the municipality of Aci Castello. You can choose among four locations within the castle. Two are outdoors (one of which was mine) and two others are indoors (the most interesting of the two is a small church within a tiny cactus garden).

If you are looking for a stress-free wedding in Sicily, I would reccomend the wedding and event planner Alessandra Bentivoglio. (ws@weddingsicily.com,
Mob. +39 345 2109500, T. +39 095 535094).


Casa Cycas: waterfront apartment with two bedrooms and a great view on the Faraglioni of Aci Trezza;

Casa delle Alohe: super panoramic apartment at 500 meter from the centre of Aci Trezza, ideal suite for newly weds.