A Selfie at Scala dei Turchi

Who Made a Selfie on Scala dei Turchi?

In a recent research an algorithm has shown that Scala dei Turchi is the most photographed beach on Instagram. 108.200 hashtags! By looking at this photo, how many of these people uploaded a selfie (or a foot selfie) on social media? Do not forget to count me in! […]

Social media aside, Scala dei Turchi in Agrigento (Realmonte to be precise) is undeniably a unique place to visit. You must first walk down to the beach in order to appreciate its majesty. An enormous dazzling cliff that stands out from the crystalline sea and between two golden and powdery sandy beaches. Nature here truly did its best by moulding, time after time, a piece of marl into a bright piece of art.

The visual impact is astonishing, despite all the visitors. To be honest, to me a white cliff is even more photogenic with some people in it. But it is up to you whether to thank or damn Commissario Montalbano by Andrea Camilleri. After all it was the popular TV series based on this fictional book character that opened the world eye to this unique coast of Sicily.

What you might not know about Scala dei Turchi.

I have never watched Commissario Montalbano, but I knew about this cliff thanks to its peculiar name. The Staircase of the Turks had already caught my attention long time ago while browsing a guide book. So I was prepared to have my mind blown away by the sight of this coast. But I could not possibly know how comfortable and selfie-able this cliff is before walking on it! Posing bare feet or cocooning under the sun for a selfie could not be easier.

Scala dei Turchi in black and white


  • Villa degli Eremiti: villa with private pool for those who have Scala dei Turchi as well as Agrigento in their to see list.

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