Sicilian Landscapes

Landscapes of Sicily: which one is the odd one out?

Amid all that I love about Sicily is the power to surprise me with its diverse landscapes. Just take a drive from Mount Etna to Caltagirone. You will see the black basalt rocks overflowing with lush green vegetation surrender to golden expanses of wheat fields. Alternatively take a train from the South-East side to the North side of Mount Etna. The vulcano tapered with vineyards will yield to giant yellow brooms (ginestre), the only inhabitants of a lunar landscape. No time for Sicily just yet? Take a look at these photos wherever you are. Can you say which one is the odd one out? […]

One Sicily and several Sicily?

The Sicilian writer Gesualdo Bufalino wrote that Sicily is an island that suffers or benefits of an excess of identity. He recognised so many faces of the island and of its people that to reduce it all within one label seemed impossible. To this extent there is a Sicily of philosophers and a Sicily of magicians. There is a Sicily looking at the Western world and a Sicily yielding to the desert. And again there is a Sicily of controlled feelings and a Sicily of outburst of passion. (Bufalino)

Some people say that it is the place we live in that shapes us and not the other other way around. What is certain to me is that Sicilian landscapes reflects or projects perfectly this plurality of identities. That brings me here to show you in this post a few landscapes photos that I have taken during my holidays in Sicily. A few of these photos are instead done by the our excellent photographer Alfio Garozzo.

which one is the odd one out?

In order to spice up your view, I have also slipped into this collection a photo that does not belong. Could you tell which of these landscapes has not been taken in Sicily?

©photos Giulia Lattanzio

©photos Alfio Garozzo

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