Ferragosto: Where is Everyone? – Photo Gallery

The 15th of August is Ferragosto. On that day you might find yourself wondering around a deserted Sicilian town. No shops are open if not a few cafes that gather together all the people that like you are asking: where is everyone? […]

This is what Ferragosto does to Italians. The 15th of August is the most sacred holiday after Christmas. Perhaps it is even holier than Christmas although it is strictly pagan (from Feriae Augusti – riposo di Augusto, roman Emperor). That is why on this day every single person is on holiday and in Sicily it will be impossible to find a plumber, let alone a cleaner. On Ferragosto forget shopping and try to stay healthy as many doctors too are joining all the other Sicilians. Where? Well, by the sea, of course!

Seeing is believing…

©photos by Joris Doesburg

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